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Racomitruim langinosum and other unknown Moss

Observed: 2nd October 2009 By: WeemanWeeman’s reputation in Plants
Racomitruim and other unkown Moss
  • Woodey fringe moss (Racomitruim langinosum)
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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Unkown moss

Does anybody know the name of the other moss in the photo?

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Unknown moss

It could be Pseudoscleropodium purum.

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I don't think the main moss is Racomitrium. I'm not entirely sure what it actually is but something like Campylopus pyriformis is possible. The other species looks like a Hypnum sp. Perhaps H. cupressiforme.

Dan Wrench
Biodiversity Officer - Shropshire

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Moss at the top looks like

Moss at the top looks like Hypnum jutlandicum. The lower moss could be Campylopus as dan suggests, or dicranella, but if i have judged the scale right i think it may be Diocranum scoparium.