Can you help test iSpot's identification keys?

Martin Harvey's picture

iSpot has a series of identification keys, and we're seeking help to test them - if you're within reach of Milton Keynes on the morning of Thursday 24 November and would be willing to help please contact us.

Currently our keys cover:

  • aquatic minibeasts
  • ladybirds
  • earthworms
  • lichens on trees
  • woodlice
  • damsel and dragonflies
  • water beetles

Several additional keys are being developed and will be included in the workshop.

We're seeking feedback on how easy you find the keys to use, and how effective they are in achieving accurate identifications.

The test session will be held at the Open University in Milton Keynes, at 10am on Thursday 24th November. We'll aim to finish by 1pm, and lunch will be provided.

We'll start the session with a brief demonstration of how the keys work, and then it's over to you to try them out and let us know your thoughts. If you're interested in finding out more about how you can create keys to go on to iSpot, using our simple spreadsheet format, we can explain more about that as well. The sessions will be led by Dr Jon Rosewell and Martin Harvey.

(If you're interested in the keys but unable to attend during the week let us know; we may be able to arrange a weekend session, or get feedback from you in another format.)

Please contact us if you'd like to attend, or have any questions.