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Advice on microscope

I have recently bought a (microscope discovery)which you plug into the computer only to find that you cannot see any spores through it or other microscopic detail for identifying fungi.I think it is more of a glorified magnifying glass.It was £80 and money not well spent but can take close up photo's with it I suppose.
I have no knowledge about what type model I need to help me advance in identifying fungi and cannot really afford to keep making mistakes by buying another one that is of no use.I would like a bit of help on what I need to by or which models are used for spore identification.I had a look on the web and there was so much that I was rather confused and they are expensive so don't want to buy the wrong one.



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I'm not familiar

with the modern generation of PC-friendly microscopes.
I have an old optical (student) scope that I virtually never use: it's not PC or camera friendly though. You'd be welcome to borrow it (from Teesside) to see if the magnification is what you need.

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There is some discussion on

There is some discussion on the subject of microscopes for mycology here:

this web page also looks interesting although USA:
it has perhaps more material than some want but has more detail on lenses etc.

again has quite a lot of detail and how to investigate the different parts of the fungus.

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Happy to

I think this is a very kind offer Roger and would love to have a look at it and distance isn't a problem as it's not that far.I can give my e-mail address for you to contact me to get further details.

Also thank you Milked I have had a look at the sites you put on and they are very useful and maybe in the future can upgrade as the prices are rather a lot will have to save up.


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Contact me-

via my Facebook page (Roger Robinson).
Picture of identical beast:

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Thanks for the advice Roger I am now going to see if I can pick one up on ebay



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Still welcome -

to try mine first. Any money is a lot if the object isn't what you need...

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Compound microscope

For lichen and fungi spore identification you'll need a compound microscope - Brunel is one supplier but there are others.

You can get either binocular or trinocular but if you want to add a USB micro-cam you'll need the trinocular version.

People using a compound microscope for spore identification usually also have a dissecting microscope so they can clearly see the very thin section they're cutting with a very sharp razor blade!

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I'm feeling the need for a

I'm feeling the need for a microscope too and have been looking at this http://www.fungi4schools.org/Reprints/Mycologist_articles/Microscopy/FM0... as a guide for what I might need...

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have looked

I looked at the sites that milked put on plus had a look on the British Mycology site.It seem's that we need 1000x magnification.It is a bit of a minefield when you look.Have you thought of what your going to go for.They say that the new Chinese stuff is not that good and your better off with a second hand good make.


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I gave my son a Chinese

I gave my son a Chinese microscope for his birthday about 20 years ago and have just bought it back. I revisited the supplier this morning - just up the road it was - Northern Biological Supplies - for slides/coverslips/advice maybe even a 100x objective lens, and I was disappointed to find that it is now a car dealers!! :-( lol

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Used lab equipment

There are several used equipment dealers, including one at Peterlee - not too far from your location.
They have a web site (google "used lab equipment"), but prices are generally not shown up-front.
I used similar suppliers - not this one - many years ago as a researcher on a very limited budget. The phrase "caveat emptor" is appropriate - try before you buy!