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Unknown amphibian

Observed: 10th October 2011 By: felixa
Unknown amphibian
Unknown amphibian 1
Unknown amphibian 1 2
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When I returned to our house in central Portugal, after an absence of two months, I found this strange looking amphibian in a bowl which had collected some rainwater. It was unable to get out and so could have been there for several weeks. It is not at all like the newts which frequent our pond. My first thought was some kind of salamander but I understand that these are characterised by long tails and this creature has a very short tail. Does anyone know what it is?

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Short tail

Just to add - most lizards can drop their tails if they are grabbed by a predator, they will then grow a new one. This skink is in the process of growing a new tail.

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Bedriaga's skink

Thanks for the ID. I had wondered whether the tail was regrowing. The skink seems to have survived in water and without any obvious food for quite some time. Not being sure about its habitat, I put it somewhere with easy access to both water and dry land, so hope it survived!