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Lucy's fish

Observed: 3rd August 2010 By: JeremyJeremy’s reputation in Fish
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And interesting trail of IDs
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What an excellent picture.
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I think this must have been

I think this must have been one of my first days using iSpot. I had been registered for quite a long time but hadn't got round to using it yet. I didn't know the ropes, apologies for the unnecessary ID.

Stunning fish Jeremy.


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Origin October 2014
There are a large number of one-liners in iSpot - people who come, with pride or in frustration, to drop a picture and leave. They may well come back, each day for a month, but get fed up with no responses. Jeremy's only post is slightly different as he made an accurate, very slightly flawed, but correct ID. What followed was unnecessary really (free-for-all IDing) but the Latin name is very important for posterity.
I imagine he left to marry Lucy (he never said)! But Jeremy, if you ever come back, Tag this post ProjectM1 please.
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Hi Derek, Just looking at my

Hi Derek,

Just looking at my superflouos ID- I have typed, 'adding scientifiic name', I must not have seen Ians revision when I viewed the observation as Ian had already done the necessary revision. Unfortunately there is no function for removing superflouos IDs.

Im always reviewing the IDs of these particular fish. I think the exact reasons that this is Ms and not Tb need to be outlined here. Im not saying its not Ms, I just think we need to clarify it for sure. Sure it might even be fun!!