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Observed: 22nd October 2011 By: teac
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This funghi is apx 3ins long and has a silvery / beige appearance on the cap.
The gills are white very closely packed and did not discolour once picked.
Found growing on rough grass by a stone step.


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Possibly Bolbitius

Possibly Bolbitius reticulatus or an Agrocybe but not very sure.
One thing I am sure is that its not a Russula or Lactarius ;-)

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Whoops! Not a Russula

Whoops! Not a Russula because... wrong shaped cap?

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Well its a whole range of

Well its a whole range of things, wrong shaped cap is one of them, russulas tend to have flat cap curved at the edge at least when mature. they also tend to have shorter stem relative to cap, the relative colour is also different for most russulas which tend to be bright colours and have bright whites. not like this washed out one (rather like modern car colours, all wishy washy).
and of course if you have them in the hand russulas are very brittle.

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Thanks for the guidance

Thanks for the guidance Miked... much appreciated.