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Pink-gilled fungus

Observed: 23rd October 2011 By: sgwarnogsgwarnog’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenssgwarnog’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Pink-gilled fungus
Pink-gilled fungus 1

Approx 10 cm in height, slender stem, pleated gills.


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Thanks, having looked at the images for other observations, and a Google image search for Laccaria proxima, this looks like a very good match.

Peter H

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Or Laccaria laccata?

One source suggested that proxima only grows in pine forests, which this site definitley isn't. Another suggested that proxima could be found on moorland though.

If this is Laccaria proxima, it is in a square not currently recorded in the NBN map.

Peter H

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Maybe L. laccata?

Maybe L. laccata? says "Separating this species from the very similar Laccaria laccata requires a microscope; both species are variable enough in their macrofeatures that the differences visible to the naked eye are not definitive."