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Grey Squirrel

Observed: 11th October 2009 By: loshad1loshad1’s reputation in Mammals

An entertaining character,quite happy to pose for us.Popular with visitors and children, but essentially a pest, be interesting to hear other people's views on this emotive subject??

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My view

My views on this emotive subject? We introduced it so we have to 'put up' with it (although I personally like grey squirrels and they brighten up my day whenever I see one).
The species is highly opportunistic and a fairly prolific breeder, so any attempts to eradicate it will be expensive and futile.
Better concentrate on helping the red to compete with it - habitat restoration, vaccination against squirrel pox, supplementary feeding using counter-balance feeders (which the heavier grey can't trip).
Read an interesting article in Mammal Society magazine recently about translocating red squirrels from a healthy population to an area of Ireland where neither species was present - reds now successfully breeding and source population not adversely affected - it can be done.

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Grey squirrel

Thankyou for your interesting response.I have just started a degree course in conservation. I am a mature student ,who after many years of working in the countryside have "bit the bullet" and gone back into education, am especially interested in the reintroduction of species in Britain, so your comments very useful,

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We have had a long discussion

We have had a long discussion on re-introductions in the forum below. There are also links to associated fora.


Please add to it if you want to comment.

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