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Caterpillar: on Dartmoor

Observed: 22nd October 2011 By: Jeremy Cushing

Large furry caterpillar, curls up when touched. Familiar on the moors (gorse, heather, heath grass) but have never seen them in such large quantities before: literally dozens within a few hundred yards.


No identification made yet.

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Picture or more detailed description

A picture or more details are needed to identify it.

The large swarms perhaps suggests something like Brown Tail but I'm just guessing really.

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Given the locaton...

...and time of year I'd say Fox Moth is more likely. They can occur in fairly large numbers on moorland. I remember finding 20 in an area no more than 40 x 40 metres at the Elan damn in Wales. That was also in October when they feed up prior to hibernation.

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On re-reading

this I am inclined to agree with Fox Moth. Would still need more details (colour, arrangement of legs etc.) before entering a formal ID however.

Interestingly this posters picture of themselves is of what seems to be a fox moth caterpillar (although too small an image to be sure).