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Apple identification

Observed: 23rd October 2011 By: mataro
apple identification

we have an apple tree in our garden, long neglected by us and our predecessors, which produces thousands (literally) of small yellow apples sometiems with a pink blush to part of one side. I have other photos of the fruit, leaf and tree - quite a distinctive striated greyish bark. They don't seem ornamental enough for crab apples. They are almost entirely 4 - 5cm in diameter, very round with no deep indentation at the non stalk end (sorry about the non technical term there!). I've tasted it and it is quite sharp, not really edible.


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May be a quince?

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apple identification

Thanks for the reply. I've looked up quince and think it is unlikely - these fruits are very round and regular. I apologise, by the way, for the awful photo - I struggled to upload a decent photo and then coudln't change it.

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You might like to try

You might like to try uploading a better photo if you do have one. You can add photos to existing observations using the 'Edit' tab which you should see on the observation when you are logged-in.

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