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Observed: 23rd October 2011 By: lb6657
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Found (by my cat) along the boundary of hedgerow and open fields.

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Sorry to disagree with Syrphus but I think this is a bank vole. Firstly, the tail has clearly been nipped (clean cut to the tip) by the cat so you can not rule anything out based on tail length - it is also too short even for a field vole.

What you can see of the head it appears to have a blunt muzzle and relatively small ears; also there is no sign of eyes so can assume they are also smaller than a mouse - therefore ruling out any mice.

The fur looks to be too rich a russet brown for field vole which is more a grey/brown - therefore, I'm going for bank vole.

Graham Banwell

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No problem about disagreeing,

No problem about disagreeing, Graham! I am used to it. However, I am not convinced by your interpretation of the colour, and especially not the bit about the tail being nipped short. My reading is that the tip is hidden behind the grass. In the end, we can agree it is a vole, and the exact species will never be known - and the sky will not fall on our heads for that.



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