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Stem/leaf color

I have noticed this several times now that plants can vary quite a bit.
I put on an observation of what i thought was an unknown plantain.
It was identified as Greater Plantain even though there were other Greater Plantains in the area that were pure green just like the ones growing out of cracks in pavements all over the place. I have just found some Prickly Sow-thistles on the edge of an access road to pony grazing pasture showing the same variation but this time there are other observations that show it. No link yet as the photo uploads are broken tonight. When i get the images on one of them shows two of plants side by side one with pure green stems and the other with red stems. Great lettuce also shows this.



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Red coloured leaves

I suspect that this may be down the the same cause as the red colour of deciduous tree leaves in autumn: lack of chlorophyll.
The green pigmentation due to chlorophyll usually masks the other pigments, but as the trees "recycle" it prior to shedding the leaves, the other colours become predominant.
Chlorophyll may be lacking in a leaf due to other factors, such as a nutrient-poor substrate; have the red pigments are more visible.

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New growth

On the one with rabbit damage the new growth is tinted red and there were also some that had not yet flowered that showed tinting. The sow-thistles show it well on growth with new flower buds present and it looks like the uploads are on again.
Repairs now completed here are the thistles.