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Found in shed roof beams

Observed: 20th October 2011 By: vicadamsvicadams’s reputation in Invertebrates
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wasp nest

Could be a commom wasp or german wasp both widespread. They collect woodmulsh with their mouth pieces and then craft them into cells(the piece on the left in the picture) this is began by the fertile queen and continued by sterile workers.This nest is probably from a previous year judging from the dilapidated appearance. Pretty cool! Im jealous:)


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Common wasp

I would suggest V. vulgaris given the colour of the carton (beige). V. germanica nests are grey

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Useful image

The addition of the ruler is a great idea. It gives an immediate sense of scale!

Go placidly...

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wasp nest

thanks indeed for the comments , may i just ask for a bit more information?
as i see it wasp nests are usually much larger that is why i asked "what species" is this small nest unusual
thanks again

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It's true that Common Wasp nests can get much bigger than the one shown here, but all wasps nests have to start small! With very few exceptions wasp nests are built afresh each year, initially by the queen wasp working alone (only the queens overwinter).

My guess is that this nest must have been started earlier in the year and then abandoned -perhaps the queen died for some reason.

This is assuming that it wasn't an active nest at the time it was photographed!

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thee wasp nest

Martin Harvey
thanks that all makes sense and well noted