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Two for the price of one?

Observed: 9th August 2009 By: VinnyVinny’s reputation in InvertebratesVinny’s reputation in InvertebratesVinny’s reputation in InvertebratesVinny’s reputation in Invertebrates

Editing down the 130-odd Raft Spider pics in my library, when I spotted something on this image - anyone know if that's a Water Spider just to the right and behind the Raft Spider?

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I don't think a 'terrestrial' spider...

...that small would sink that easily - especially in a pond with so much weed on the surface. I suggested the Water Spider (AKA Diving Bell Spider) because they break the surface with their abdomen to collect air for themselves and their underwater web. I appreciate it's not the clearest photo as it is a crop of about 5% of the original image. However, compare it with the female Water Spider in the third image on this page:

It certainly seems to have the velvety-grey body distinctive of the Water Spider.
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It looks very like a water

It looks very like a water spider but I'd want a better view before clicking the I agree button.

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Unfortunately that's as clear as it gets

But next year I'll visit the same pond and have a look for more.