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Observed: 18th October 2011 By: galma1
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What would make these marks on a tree in a hazel copse, there are squirrels here, and plenty of obvious markings on the hazel trees, but these I feel are slightly different. The scrapes are about head height, 5ft.4" and well indented into the tree.

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unidentified markings

Thanks for that, you're possibly right, I'll keep an eye out when walking in future!

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Tree markings?

Are there similar tree markings present in the same copse or is this the only one? Do the linear patterns mark a pathway? Does the landowner know about it? Regards


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I agree with Refugee, these are most probably human. They are too high for any mammal other than squirrel, however, squirrels tend to remove bark around the tree, ring-barking it - thus killing the tree. They could have been made by wood boring beetles but they are too straight and regular for that.

Graham Banwell

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It's puzzling ...

I agree it's puzzling: my colleague at the National Trust knows of archaeological sites in the same area. Perhaps this might open up another line of enquiry. Who knows?