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Bumble Bee

Observed: 21st March 2010 By: sl7246sl7246’s reputation in Invertebratessl7246’s reputation in Invertebrates
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The specimen is 27 mm long, has six legs, is black with a yellow stripe stretching the full length across the front of its thorax. It has another, thinish, yellow stripe on its abdomen just behind the black band at its waist. It has a pale yellow, widish, stripe at its rere. Its antennae are approx 3 mm long.

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You would be very unlikely to

You would be very unlikely to have a male Bombus in March. The antennae of this one are too short for a male. The collar is too broad, and that and the tail are too pale, for a queen terrestris. The crucial views are missing, but it probably B. cryptarum or B. magnus.