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Hovering kingfisher.

Observed: 19th October 2011 By: TarbyTarby’s reputation in Birds
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Saw this male kingfisher from the Sand Martin hide at Testwood lakes. He hovered and then plunged in. I saw him take two fish.
( Zoomed in as far as I could!)

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The Kingfishers in other

The Kingfishers in other countrys hunt lizards and insects in the same way, I have seen one dive to escape a Hobby. Did it keep comming back to the same spot?

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Hovering Kingfisher

He originally perched on a fence post, hover-fishing nearby, unsuccessfully. He returned to the post, and then flew further away , where I saw the two fish caught by hover-fishing. He returned to the post, but then flew off.
He hovered in three or four places, about five metres apart each time. Then he needed a rest I suppose!

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