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Stick Insects living in garden in Cornwall

Observed: 15th October 2009 By: loshad1loshad1’s reputation in Invertebrates

Have had these stick insects living in my garden for about 2 years.During the summer I have counted at least ten of them at any one time, all at different stages of growth.I am pretty certain they are unarmed stick-insect.They live on a bamboo and climbing rose on a south facing wall.

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We used to have stick insects

We used to have stick insects in the hedges round the gardens and they survived year to year in Sussex.

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This was on TV last week same area they were living in hedges too.


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I have seen 3 of the species

I have seen 3 of the species found in the UK,they are all female and clone themselves! The Phasmid Study Group are interested in sightings, the colonys in Cornwall that I know of are in Truro, Par (where I live), Mevagissey and Penzance. I have found them on Bramble, You say Bamboo and Rose are they the only food plants in the UK?

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Danny, where in Penzance are

Danny, where in Penzance are they? Ild love to take the kids to see them!

jennifer powell

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Unarmed Stick Insect

I believe they also live on Brambles,and have been found on leylandii, I have also found some on my Bay Tree, from monitoring them in my garden;I have come to the conclusion, that type of food source does not seem to be of primary importance, more the aspect of the plant ie. position and degree of shelter.I doubt the adults survive the winter,however any eggs laid lay in the soil and hatch the following season when conditions are right. Be warned they are terrible time wasters, can spend hours in my garden trying to spot them when I should be doing more constructive things.Yes, have reported them to the Phasmid study group.Have also planted some lower ground cover roses this year so they have more food as my climbing rose takes quite a battering and is looking a bit sparse.

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I Know someone who had some

I Know someone who had some escape in the garden and photographed them to be formaly identified for the record and found two species so one species was present before the escape! So in a private garden!