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Observed: 21st March 2010 By: sl7246sl7246’s reputation in Invertebratessl7246’s reputation in Invertebrates
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The specimen has eight legs, the body is 5 mm long and from tip of fore legs to tip of rere legs is 10 mm. The cephalothorax is black (and has five eyes, I think). The abdomen is yellow with ten black spots in two lines of five pairs along the back and a black line along the side. The legs are about 4 mm long, are hairy and are coloured yellow and black. The pedipalps hanging down in front of the cephalothorax show NO swollen tips, the chelicera are barely visible with a magnifying glass.

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St Patrick missed this one!

St Patrick missed this one! I've studied spiders for nearly 30 yrs and I've never seen one like this. Could be an introduction?
If you still have access to it, it would be useful to see what kind of web it makes, viz sheet, sheet & tube, tangle. Doesn't look like an orb web spider, so rule that out. Does it walk upon the web or under it? All useful clues.
Very interesting creature. If there are lots of them in your area, could be new to Britain. Incidentally, your description and shots are excellent for ID purposes, but body length looks closer to 4mm; mass is then 64mm3 (mm cubed), 5mm length would be 125mm3 or twice as massive, or heavy. At this scale one mm makes quite a difference!