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Reddish Vale

Observed: 20th March 2010 By: gmf44
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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I think this is two mallards but can't be sure of the black duck

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Black mallard

I think this is another mallard hybrid, although it is possible it's a melanistic form.
If you google "mallard hybrid", you'll find several sites with photos of the various crosses out there. Mallards clearly aren't choosy...

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All are domestic Mallards

All four ducks in the photo are Mallard 'mongrels' with genes from domestic breeds.
Personally I would stay away from using the term 'hybrid', which to me implies that they are crosses with other species (many ducks do sometimes breed with other species).
Try this web-page: (+ a link near to the bottom of this one takes you to a page dealing with Mallard hybrids).

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"Manky" Mallards

Thanks for the web link: I knew that mallards were the ancestors of our domestic ducks, but I didn't realise that Indian runner ducks came from the same source!
Just realised I'd added a similar comment to another "manky mallard" shot:
'Hybrid is a term that can also be used for crosses between "populations, breeds or cultivars within a single species". But you're probably right that it's best avoided for situations like this. The term "manky mallards" isn't half bad!'

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One Leucistic the other

One Leucistic the other partial melanistic common feral Mallard forms

Colin Jacobs.
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