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Fungus in Kingsettle Wood

Observed: 19th October 2011 By: Marion HammondMarion Hammond’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Bracket Fungus Orange Underside
Bracket Fungus Orange Underside 1
Bracket Fungus Orange Underside 1 2

Underside of fungus has orange pores. Upper side whitish and felty growing in fan-shaped brackets on rotting conifer log


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My books say Skeletocutis

My books say Skeletocutis amorpha is common as well. However they don't mention the concentric zones of different shades that this one has and describe the pores as being very minute, scarcely visible to the unaided eye. It like to grow on twigs and branches of deciduous trees. I think the fungus here is Turkeytail. It is very common. However that fungus too is rarely seen on conifer.