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Observed: 9th June 2009 By: Jane FD
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Sparrowhawk on bird feeder

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Looking for prey

It's a nice photograph, you can really see it surveying the area for some prey. Did you know that the sparrowhawk's prey extends to well over 120 bird species. In addition small mammals are taken. Among the victims recorded in an issues of the Norfolk Bird Report are collared dove, stock dove, great spotted woodpecker (taken from a birdtable), snipe, sanderling, wood sandpiper, starling, snow bunting, ring ouzel and crossbill.


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Male Sparrowhawk

The slate gray back indicates this is a male sparrowhawk.

Graham Banwell

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sparrowhawks on bird feeders

This is a classic photo illustrating what is becoming a controversial subject. I meet a lot of people who get quite distressed when they see a sparrowhawk swipe a greenfinch off their feeder. They feel that they are responsible for the poor bird's demise. I point out that they are also responsible for a happy sparrowhawk! Strange how we are willing to accept that blackbirds like to pull worms out of lawns but object to hawks and magpies eating their own choice of food.

Bob Ford