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Observed: 15th October 2011 By: Sam Griffin
Cumberland Bat GroupCumbria Amphibian and Reptile GroupThe British Herpetological Society
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Although there were pine

Although there were pine trees in the area, this was in an area dominated by siver birch with some oak.

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OK... Might still be the

OK... Might still be the Sickener then. Shame it wasn't under beech as there is a fungus called the Beechwood Sickener which looks about right. The Scarlet Brittlegill R. pseudointegra prefers deciduous woodland, particularly with oaks and R. silvestris doesn't mind deciduous or pinewoods on sandy or acid soil. There are others but for now I'll leave my suggestion as probably a Russula! There are lots of people on iSpot who know loads more about fungi who might comment...