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Misleading linked images in observations

I've raised the point in the 'Other site feedback' section of the forums that better moderating is needed to stop wrongly identified images being shown as 'Other observations' as soon as a possible identification is entered.

As it was a misleading, un-identifiable lichen photograph that provoked this I've added a link to that point here:
'Better moderating needed':

I would like to make it very, very clear that my criticism is NOT of the original poster of this or any other images that appear.

My point is that the iSpot team needs to develop (rapidly) a means whereby only accurate images are linked to under 'Other Observations'

Added October 28th:
I think I should clarify the point I was trying to make in this (and my related thread in 'Other site Feedback').

I should have said that better filtering of images is needed, rather than better moderating.

Perhaps it would be possible for the iSpot team to add a filter to the images shown under 'Other Observations' so only those that have received a high level of agreement are shown?