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Dictyopteris membranacea with sea lettuce

Observed: 17th October 2011 By: nc5339
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Ulva lactuca amid Dictyopteris membranacea

I am sure about the sea lettuce (Ulva lactuca) but not absolutely sure about the Dictyopteris membranacea. It looks more purple than the green/brown colour it is described to be in a Guide to Seashores and shallow seas (Philip's: Andrew Campbell)

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I think the brown seaweed in

I think the brown seaweed in the bottom left of the photo is Serrated Wrack (Fucus serratus) because it has a midrib and appears to have toothed edges to the fronds. The red seaweed in the top left I'm not sure about though.

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Hi, The seaweed in the top


The seaweed in the top corner looks from what I can tell to be a red seaweed whereas Dictyopteris membranacea is a brown seaweed which is brown/yellow in colour and has a very noticable midrib (line) down the centre which your seaweed doesn't appear to have. Unfortunatly I have lost my copy so I cant tell you what species it is but the best seaweed ID guide I have found is the seasearch seaweed guide which is available from the marine conservation society web page.

Trudy Russell
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To find out about what's going on in the south west check out

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Thanks Trudy, I'm going to

Thanks Trudy, I'm going to try out your seaweed guide. I get the marine conservation newsletter anyway, and am part of the beach watch programme. I'm going to keep on learning so I get more out of my Thanet Coast warden activities.