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Red Fox

Observed: 25th July 2008 By: claude_crabbeclaude_crabbe’s reputation in Mammalsclaude_crabbe’s reputation in Mammals
Red Fox
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This has the look of a young animal and the date would suggest it had been recently evicted from its mother's home range to fend for itself.

Graham Banwell

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Hi Graham, thank you for your comment - this with hindsight make sense and explains the behaviour of this fox. It was certainly not too wary of humans and came literally within inches of me when tempted with a biscuit - as per your comment the poor creature was probably homeless and hungry but I was certainly privileged with a very close encounter.

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Lucky old you claude

An opportunity we would all like to experience. My own closest encounter was about 2m on the front drive when a curious young animal came to watch me put the car in the garage one evening.