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Observed: 17th October 2011 By: fishfan1181fishfan1181’s reputation in Mammals

This bat was brought in during a bioblitz (dead im affraid), it had very large ears,body that was bigger than a pippestrelle grey fur on chest, I.D. help would be appreciated.

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Brown Long-eared / Grey Long-eared

I suspect this is brown long-eared bat. Where it was found is out side the known range of grey long eared, but not that far outside and of course ranges change. If you were to measure some features, you could confirm an ID. The tragus (flap of skin at front of ear opening) of a grey long eared should be greater than 5mm at its widest point and the thumb of the grey long-eared bat is less than 6.5mm. If the tragus is 5mm or less at the widest point and / or the thumb is 6.5mm or more, it is a brown long eared bat. The tragus measurement is probably unreliable in a dead bat - so if you still have it, measure the thumb.

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Brown/grey long-eared bat

There have been grey long-eared bat records in your area, though you are outside the known breeding area.

Unfortunately you have photographed the wrong side! If you had a photograph of the back I might stand a better chance (the fur on the back of a grey is a uniform dark colour whilst browns have a distinctive dark, pale banding) also it is too fuzzy to tell the face colour (greys have a dark face whilst browns have a pale face with pink areas, especially the muzzle. Can you remember any of these features?

Graham Banwell

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many thanks for your help, i

many thanks for your help, i will rememeber to take more photos from different angles next time.