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Birch leaf and catkins

Observed: 14th October 2011 By: grant burleighgrant burleigh’s reputation in Plantsgrant burleigh’s reputation in Plantsgrant burleigh’s reputation in Plants
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This post complements the one on birch seeds that I recently submitted (13th Oct. 2011)). The leaf and two of the catkins are from a representative of the several birches we have on our Reserve. I am not sure if there is enough here to discriminate between Silver and Downy Birch and would be glad to have an opinion. Of the two green catkins from previous posts, the one beneath the shieldbug nymph is I think a developing female catkin (birch tree; image of 10th Aug. 2011) while the other, for comparison, is a male Alder catkin photographed on 13th Oct. 2010.

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