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Removing 'agreement' from your own IDs.

Apologies if I don't explain this very well...

At present it is possible to remove your agreement from an ID posted by someone else, but it is not possible to remove your 'agreement' from an ID that you have posted yourself.

In many cases this is not a problem, but in some cases if you change your mind (perhaps based on additional photos that are posted, or because of a discussion in the comments), even after adding your agreement to another identification, the fact that your reputation score is included in the total for your previous ID may mean that your ID, which you no longer agree with, is still shown as the likely ID, even though removing your 'agreement' might change this.

Is it possible for the ID to be left in place, but the 'agreement' of the poster to be removed (effectively removing their reputation score from the cummulative total for that ID)?



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Not sure I understand exactly

Not sure I understand exactly but what sometimes happens is that you change your mind and just add another ID, people can then see that you have changed your mind (if they check back). in some cases this still ends up with the original ID as being the preferred one if the new one does not have people agreeing with it (perhaps because the observation is then well down the list). hopefully people who agreed with your first suggestion will then see that there has been a change on this observation and have another look at it and decide which is the better ID and perhaps shift to the second one and so that will be the preferred ID.

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Chaging IDs

What I mean is that although people will be able to see that you have added another ID (which will appear further down), your reputation points seem to permanently remain in the total points attributed to your original ID.

For example, if I have 3 reputation points, and after posting an ID get agreements from 6 others with a total of 15 reputation points between them (lets say, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, & 1), the total score for that ID will be 18 points.

If I then change my mind and add another ID, and three of those who agreed with my earlier ID see this change their minds and agree with me (we'll say the three with 4, 2, & 1 points), the total agreement with my new ID is now 7 points, + my 3 points giving a total of 10 ponts.
My original ID now has 8 points of agreement remaining (3, 3, & 2), but as my 3 points is still added to the total (even though I've changed my mind), the total still comes 11 points - so that will be the one shown as the likely ID.

It's not really a very big deal, but it does seem odd that you can remove agreement from an ID posted by someone else, but don't seem to be able to remove your 'agreement' from an identification you previously added yourself (...or perhaps this happens automatically if you post a new ID later on?).