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Observed: 29th September 2011 By: Benboncan

A small,black and white Cetacean.The 'collar' around the neck is an intestine that originates in a hole underneath the body. The lens cap is 58mm in diam.
Can anyone identify this please?

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harbour porpoise

The white patches on head and tail appear to be post mortem changes

Alan Edwards

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Could it be a new born

Could it be a new born porpoise and the intestine actually placenta? Just a thought.

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"Could It Be A New Born"

Quite possibly, no idea. The intestine is what it is,an intestine.

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White patches

The white patches on the tail,dorsal,eyes and forehead are post mortem. Around the mouth is intact, nothing had eaten there.

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This looks to be a fully grown adult around 70-80cm long.

The white patches are the outer skin peeling/eaten off to show the white blubber beneath. The eyes have gone, probably eaten by fish; crabs, birds or other scavengers would have damaged the tasty blubber.

Graham Banwell

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