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Observed: 3rd October 2011 By: B4518696
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Banded snail, approx size of a 5p piece found attached to exposed rock on coastal site within Durham Magnesian Limestone Natural Area in the North East of England.

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Banded snails

There were very many of these snails found in and around exposed rock on coastal site at Trow Point, South Shields, there were many variations in their bandings on the shells, some were found living in small holes within the rocks that had been eroded by the weather.

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I think the brown lip of the

I think the brown lip of the shell can be seen so I agree that this is probably C. nemoralis and not C. hortensis which is otherwise very similar.

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Brown lip

Thanks for your confirmation, do you know their specific habitats ?

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I have read that these snails

I have read that these snails live in a wide range of habitats including woods, hedges, scrub, grassland and dunes, as high as 1200m in the Alps and 1800m in the Pyrenees.