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Mediterranean Gull

Observed: 16th July 2011 By: David JardineBirds expert
P1010828 Med gull Ardrishaig 160711 (cropped)
P1010828 Med gull Ardrishaig 160711 (cropped) 1
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Still a rare bird in Scotland?

Without taking the time to actually look up any details, I'm guessing that these are still fairly scarce birds in Scotland (though probably increasingly seen).

You can't visit many coastal areas in the south-east without seeing them now!

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Description species

All Med Gulls were a description species in Argyll until a couple of years ago; now it is just non-adults. They are regular in the south-east of Scotland and a few are now being seen around the Clyde and Loch Fyne (possibly from Northern Ireland), but further north they are a good find!

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