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Observed: 14th October 2011 By: bexhihat
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This poor bird died after it flew into an upstairs closed window. At first we thought it was a song thrush but on comparing it to photographs it doesn't seem to be the case. It is about the same size as a blackbird. The plumage on its belly is mostly white and not nearly as speckled as a thrush. It's back feathers were darker than a thrushes and there is a distinct white line from its beak, over its eye and towards the back of its head. Can anyone identify this bird for me?

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did you check under the wing

did you check under the wing to see if there was any red incase it was a redwing

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Young bird

The greater coverts are showing pale tips indicative of a young bird, especially the rose-thorn type markings on a couple of the inner feathers. I would have said that this is a bird born this year...a view of the tertials and the tail shape would confirm that either way.


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Young bird agreed

Sorry - I overlooked the 'rose-thorn' on the inner greater covert - they aren't obvious in the outer gcs

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bird 1

Thanks so much for all your help! I do have other pictures but not sure how to upload them. I will try. However, there was no red feathers under the wing. The chest being mostly white with only speckling round the neck. The head however does look extremely similar to the Redwing pictures I've looked at.

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Red underwing.

With the position the wings are in in the photos you would not be able to see any red feathering unless you stretched the wing out (with the bird on its back) and looked at the underside of the wing).

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Am now sure it's a Redwing

Sadly I can't check the underside of the wing as the bird has now been buried but when I told my partner about these comments he said that it made sense as our next door neighbour - a keen birdwatcher - had told him recently that he'd seen Redwings in the area. There a lot of open fields round here that lead down to the coast which seems to be their preferred habitat. I really hope to see one alive now. A beautiful bird.