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Fungi of former Soviet Union

I set out to look for guides to Russian fungi expecting them to be very difficult to find but some very helpful people have pointed out a number of websites that have collections of identification books and species lists. will add to these as more are found.
Fungi of Ukraine, a Darwin Initiative project, the website is in English as well as Russian.

Have also found a large listing of ID guides to various groups of fungi in general and from different parts of former USSR. These are often links to pdf's etc of the original documents. Am not putting the link to this on iSpot for the moment as not sure if all the links are ok but can give you the web page if you contact me directly via the contact button at bottom of website. Almost all are in Russian.

There is also a huge repository of relevant literature at:

For those wanting photos of fungi and a forum there is: http://www.foresterfaq.spb.ru/
alphabetical listing of species by scientific name with photos and descriptions of some of them (in Russian)