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Fungus in pot plant

Observed: 17th October 2011 By: RefugeeRefugee’s reputation in Fungi and LichensRefugee’s reputation in Fungi and LichensRefugee’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Is this going to kill the pot plant or is it going to improve the soil? The soil is a mix of commercial compost and re-cycled brown field containing coal slag and clay with part digested green waste. I can look into the stem and gills if this is needed.
I am adding some more pictures of it now it has faded showing the under side.


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    Fungus in plant pot
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not sure

Not sure but I presume it has come in the compost,if any more come up try and get a photo of the gills and stem before it matures too much.


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Next year

It is being dried out in order to stop it growing while the light is week.


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Leucocoprinus likes to grow

Leucocoprinus likes to grow with pot plants, but this doesn't look like one of those... Nice looking wavy gills but I guess they would look different if fresh.

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In for the winter

It has been moved to an east facing window sill and will not be watered more than once or twice during the winter so there is little chance of any more fungi unless they grow from the water in the plant stem.