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Golden plover + wader?

Observed: 16th October 2011 By: pen-y-bont_mikepen-y-bont_mike’s reputation in Birdspen-y-bont_mike’s reputation in Birdspen-y-bont_mike’s reputation in Birds
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The 3 birds in the 1st photo plus another just out of shot were the remains the flock of approx 250 birds in the other 2 photos. I stumbled across them when walking near to where the flock had been before taking flight, circling a few times and landing about 100m away.
I'm pretty sure that all of the birds in the photos are Golden plover with the exception of a bird in the 3rd photo. I'ts right of centre and looks as if it might be standing in the water. The breast appears to be unmarked and distinct from the wings, which don't appear as "speckled" as the other birds. Confirmation of my Golden plover id and any thoughts on the "odd" bird would be appreciated.

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Golden Plover

I cannot see any birds that do not look like Golden Plover. There is one in the background which looks a bit paler, but not enough to ring any bells for another species.


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I agree.

I agree.