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Eristalis (Eoseristalis) arbustorum

Observed: 27th September 2007 By: oceanlis2000oceanlis2000’s reputation in Invertebratesoceanlis2000’s reputation in Invertebratesoceanlis2000’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Dear Elizabeth, we think we might have identified your hoverfly - a female. The loop on the wing would mean Eristalini tribe. Colour of the scutellum, other vein patterns seem to indicate an Eristalis. The total lack of a face stripe and black front tarsus seems to indicate Eristalis (Eoseristalis) arbustorum. A common hoverfly with very variable markings. Might be a bit early?


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Unknown hoverfly

Thanks for your comments, do you know if this is the only Eristalis species that has a white face


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There are other Eristalis

There are other Eristalis without a black stripe on the face. They are all 'keyed', fully described, and depicted in colour in the excellent book 'British Hoverflies' by Stubbs and Falk.


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I am not sure where you get

I am not sure where you get this information. S&F are very clear in their key - E. arbustorum comes out at couplet 4 as the only one in the genus that lacks a black facial stripe, and that is emphasised in the account on p289.

I can't come to any other conclusion than E. arbustorum.

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My mistake - thanks for the correction. I ought to have taken more care, especially as I'm new to observing hovers. I'll try harder next time!


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Unknown hoverfly

Thanks for the comments, glad to see that this hoverfly is the only one without a stripe on the face, makes it a lot easier for ID.