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Impact of bird on window!

Observed: 14th October 2011 By: rcscorer
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I think this was almost certainly made by a Wood Pigeon on the outer side of our kitchen window but I would be open to other suggestions. There was nothing to suggest that it did not survive the impact.

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We had one about 15 years ago in a first floor flat. It was a feral pigeon and was grounded and remained on the street until late evening when a fox finished it off. It made a pretty loud bang when it hit the window. Yours looks like it hit a bit harder if anything. We did also see the impression of the eyes as you have done. I have also had one hit the side window of a car while i was waiting for a gap in traffic in order to pass parked cars. They are careless things.


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Speed of impact

Birds have to fly above a certain speed. It is usually high enough for tears and so on to be thrown onto the glass. In our case i think it had turned its head to one side. Doves tend to fly faster than owls as they do not have to worry about wing sounds. This body print does look more plump than a pigeon. If it was an owl it would have been targeting a reflection of what it thought was food or a source of light from a gadget.