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Black Woodlice ?

Observed: 16th October 2011 By: grey georgegrey george’s reputation in Invertebratesgrey george’s reputation in Invertebrates
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I spotted these on a track in Salisbury Plain the area is MOD training estate, rough grassland but the tracks are compressed chalk and flints. These lice were on the track hundreds of them, most were dead but a few larger ones were active. The largest were 10mm by 4mm. They are very black in colour and can roll right up. It seems strange to see woodlice (if that's what they are) where there is little wood. The shear numbers look like some kind of mass emergence or mating gathering.

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Thank You for another quick

Thank You for another quick id. Any idea why so many would be out in the open at this time, even though the majority of the smaller ones were dead?

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I have seen then before

When i was a child we used to call them "rolling-up woodlice". I have no idea why there should be so many in one place. You can now google the scientific name and have a read.