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Nature's garden

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Nature's garden

Three years ago, this patch was covered in scrub

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what's wrong with scrub?

What is wrong with scrub? People seem to to think that seeing lots of flowers is a good thing, but scrub is perfect habitat for a whole host of plants, insects, birds and mammals.
What I see in this picture is a patch of weeds, many of which are alien, growing on disturbed ground. Let us hope is is left alone and can return to scrub.

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You have a point but a bit

You have a point but a bit harsh I think. PS have a look again and name the alien species.

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Interesting comment from Cabbageleek. I was only passing a comment that this patch of weeds, was once covered in scrub. It always amazes me how 'weeds' can quickly colonize when conditions become favourable for them.
If he wishes to take the matter further, I suggest he / she takes it up with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust who carried out the work. The maintenance of this excellent site is solely under their control.

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Yes, I'm too harsh. Though it

Yes, I'm too harsh. Though it doesn't surprise me that this is a widelife trust project. I've seen this many times over. People say "that beautiful meadow has been covered in scrub, it should all be cut down". Instead of saying, "they stopped grazing that meadow, how can we get grazing restarted or how can we manage the change".
It is realativly easy to clear scrub, but you will never get back what was there before unless you reinstate the management. If this is three years after scrub clearance then clearly there is no follow up.

BTW: My definition of alien is quite broad, but I would count the Verbascum, Hypericum and Tansy as alien in this context. At best they would have arrived in Yorkshire with the Romans;-)

Sorry to be so dower, it is just one of my pet peeves. I appreciate that allrounder was only making a harmless comment.

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Interesting set

Interesting set of kinds. Verbascum grew earlier nearby? What for a plant with violet colors on a background?

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Plant sets

There wasn't any Tansy growing here, but there were Large Mullein, St Johns Wort (Hairy and Perforate) Ragwort and the purple patches in the background were Musk Thistle. A magnet for butterflies including DG Fritillary.

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Musk Thistle = Carduus

Musk Thistle = Carduus nutans. This habitat was on limestone?

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Add lesser burdock, stinging nettle, wood sage, white campion and red campion to the list. Are those marsh thistles at the back?

Bob Ford

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Mike, This site is on limestone and Bob, all those species you mention were present.

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