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_MG_2649 amanita

Observed: 15th October 2011 By: miked
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Amanita pantherina? Its not a. excelsa and I don't think its a. rubescens so not sure what else there is.


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Did it have vertical grooves

Did it have vertical grooves at the top of the stem? If not, may well be the Pantherina...

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Looks like

Looks like A. pantherina to me. But critical features not visible.


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There have been quite a few

There have been quite a few posts on here and other sites showing Amanita with whitish veil remnants of A pantherina but with striations on the ring making them A excelsa so the only way to be sure is to see the mature fruit-body.

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Unfortunately there was only

Unfortunately there was only this one and I did not want to disturb it as there were so few fungi around in the forest in general. There were one or two A. rubescens a few hundred metres away and plenty of hydnum hedgehogs but very little else which was very unusual for new forest in autumn.

I though A. excelsa had veil remains rather more in patchs rather than these regular sized bits and also A. excelsa veil remains rather greyer although admittedly these ones are not pure white.