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Report Buttons

I have noticed one or two observations where the subject is either an exotic domestic pet or lifted from the net. The example i have seen is native to Australia and is showing a location in UK. If it is a pet perhaps they aught to be able to tell us a bit more about it if they are any good at keeping them.



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Not a pet...

I posted about this in another forum. This is just a picture from the internet. The same user has posted another observation with a photo from wikipedia...

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I aggree

I did not want to pester the experts with a comment in the observations as that would waste a lot of reading for those who are more interested in why we are here. We talk here!
We just need to "chat the team up" to put a button on with a comment box that must be filled in in order to get it looked at and sorted out.
I have found spam and clicked the report button and the box did ask me why i was reporting it. I just clicked spam and filled it in with it looks like an advert. It was deleted within a few hours and rightly so as none of us are interested in a shoe shop.