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Green elf cup

Observed: 11th November 2007 By: jocelyn mjocelyn m’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensjocelyn m’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Tiny turquoise cups on a rotten piece of wood.I have often seen wood stained green with this fungus, but had never seen the fruiting bodies before.


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These are just beautiful, I have never seen them before. They are like jewels.


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I've seen the stained wood many times, but never the fruiting bodies. Rose is spot on - beautiful!
The stained oak was once used in marquetry (if that's the right spelling.) I was once told that it was a recognised variant of the art called Tonbridge Ware. Don't know if that is true...

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I was told the same thing and

I was told the same thing and have also only ever seen the wood staining and not the fruiting bodies.

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