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Observed: 14th October 2011 By: L Gifford
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1st on iSpot

These occur in a number of places in England but this is the first observation on iSpot, so congratulations. If they are breeding in your area you may have heard the males' call, it sounds like the time signal 'pips' on the radio.

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Aaah, had second thoughts

Aaah, had second thoughts about the ID after posting, live and learn! How long has this species been known in England? Are they thought to be pet escapees or illegally introduced?

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It happens to everyone!

Nearly all of the midwife toads in the UK stem from an original introduction in Bedford around 1900 where they arrived in a shipment of plants from France. The people of Bedford kind of liked them so when they moved they took a couple with them to put in their new gardens. Now there are quite a few colonies including South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Bucks and a few other places.

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Fascinating stuff, would love

Fascinating stuff, would love to hear them beeping in my garden.. All species welcome!

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Very interesting

Do they cause any problems for Bufo bufo? I wondered whether they'd brought in diseases or anything when they arrived originally.
Amazing colour!

Sarah West
OPAL Community Scientist
Yorkshire and Humber

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Not as far as I know

They don't seem to cause too much of a problem to our native amphibians, although I have heard they may have a slight effect on great crested newts. They co-exist with all of our native amphibians just the other side of the channel.

I don't think they are too much a disease problem too, they were introduced long before chytrid emerged.

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midwife toads/tadpoles ayltes obstrecicans

I've been trying to contact someone who has these toads breeding so that I could obtain a pair or tadpoles. I want them for an enclosed garden room so it would be legal.I first heard these in Mallorca where they were using cavities in large boulders to accentuate their calls. At the time I thought it must be an insect call similar to a cicada.I could not trace the species making the noise. I'm told they are difficult to find.Please contact me if you can help johntimbrell@live.co.uk

john timbrell