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Reference observations

Every so often, an observation shows the characters of a species very well, and when the species is in a difficult group of related and often confused species, it would be nice to be able to label the observation as a really good reference for future identifications.

See as an example.

I suggest that there should be some kind of button or similar that can be clicked to label the observation as reference quality.

Sorry to be elitist, but I think this button should be visible only to those who have an "expert" badge, and it should be used sparingly, only when the photographs are of top quality and do show the characters clearly, and the expert really is sure of the ID.

Concepts move on and today's correct identification may be tomorrow's misapplied name, but it will still be possible to add a comment in the future if that happens.




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Link to Keys

Good idea, maybe they should link into the iSpot keys (for those species groups that have them)

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Reference observations

This is a very good idea, and ties in with a suggestion I have made concerning a photo library (Node 229415).


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This is something that has

This is something that has been discussed by the ispot team on a number of occasions and is probably on the long 'to do' list although probably need to work out exactly how to do it best as there are plenty of different possibilities that have been mentioned. Perhaps some further discussion on the forum here may help to formulate the most appropriate approach.

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A browser

I think it worth while to have a way of browsing it for those whom do not have even a partial scientific name so that the new users get a better chance of doing an ID of there own. At the moment it can be done and in the past i have gone with something that may get a miss identification of what i have with a correction followed by another search in order to see if my image is better than the others and worth putting on.
This would make a DIY ID a lot quicker.


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Idea: Put IDTip in the tags

For some time now I have been tagging observations where the comments contain useful ID pointers with the tag IDTip

Anyone can do this for their own observations (use Edit to add a tag after an observation has been created).

The idea is that in due course, it will be possible to do a search for a pair of terms, one of which is IDTip. So you could search Russula + IDTip for example to see if there are any tips about telling those species apart.

This is something everyone could start doing now that would help us create a very useful tool in the future.

Here are some examples:

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)