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Lesser Black-backed Gull

Observed: 13th October 2011 By: Graham JamesGraham James’s reputation in BirdsGraham James’s reputation in BirdsGraham James’s reputation in Birds

British race 'graellsii'

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lesser black gull (Larus fuscus)

Looks like a male with its summer coat.

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Interesting to note that it does not have the bright yellow legs that are normally characteristic of this species. Presumably a 3rd year bird that has only just lost its last brownish flight feathers. I agree with gb5636 that this is probably a male, as the head and bill are so bulky.

Bob Ford

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There were two birds present and both had butterscotch-coloured legs. The MacMillan Guide to Bird Identification states that the legs are bright yellow in summer and creamy-yellow in winter.
The grey streaking starting to appear on the head and neck suggests that this bird is almost into winter-plumage.