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Found on a farm - little white flowers

Observed: 18th March 2010 By: LydiaRosieLydiaRosie’s reputation in PlantsLydiaRosie’s reputation in Plants
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white flowers, 4 petals, pinnate leaves.

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How many Stamens?

Probably not. Cardamine hirsuta this had four stamens C.flexuosa has six. I repeat my claim for C. hirsuta

Colin Jacobs.
Wild Flower Society member

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Cardamine flexuosa?

I can certainly see several flowers with six stamens, which suggests C. flexuosa. However, interestingly enough, stamen number is not absolutely determinative. C. flexuosa usually has six and C. hirsuta usually four. But not always. Another key character is that in C. hirsuta the fruits normally overtop the flowering stems. And they seem to here. But then C. flexuosa has gland toothed leaves - which this looks as though it does. The plant doesn't look annual - C. hirsuta always is - so on balance possibly C. flexuosa. I wonder whether the stems are hairy - another C. flexuosa character.

Chris Metherell
BSBI VC Recorder
North Northumberland