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Unknown invertebrate

Observed: 22nd September 2011 By: dan_wrench
Natural Shropshire - Biodiversity Partnership
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I didn't spot this tiny fly/wasp/ a.n.other thing until checking the photo later. I've no idea what it is but it does have spectacular antennae so wondered whether it was possible to have a go based on that. Perhaps a tall order

    Likely ID
    a diapriid wasp (Trichopria sp.)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Ichneumon maybe? Need a

Ichneumon maybe? Need a larger photo.

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Thanks David. They are

Thanks David. They are pretty amazing antennae but even so with such a poor photo I was surprised to get even an ID to Genus. Thanks again, Dan

Dan Wrench
Biodiversity Officer - Shropshire