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Observed: 15th June 2011 By: FenwickfieldFenwickfield’s reputation in InvertebratesFenwickfield’s reputation in InvertebratesFenwickfield’s reputation in InvertebratesFenwickfield’s reputation in Invertebrates
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16th june 023 1

Thought this was a rather striking insect and have no idea what it is,on Nettle's on old compost heap.

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so you force me to get my specimens out. I agree, head marking and eye-occiput length suggest chlorosoma. However, these features also fit male viridis, palest ones v like chlorosoma.

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is it

Is it a common fly as I have never seen them before.


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Sorry about that David :-)

Sorry about that David :-) We could just go with Rhogogaster sp.

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Fenwickfield - they seem to

Fenwickfield - they seem to be fairly common. A good but brief description is at http://www.naturespot.co.uk/species/rhogogaster-chlorosoma (or change the last word of the url to see the other species). This site focuses on Leicestershire and Rutland but also refers to all of the UK.

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It is nice to know what it is but I also like to read up on the subject so I can learn and hopefully recognise future finds,will look at the site you have suggested.