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Type of Boraginaceae? White flower.

Observed: 2nd October 2011 By: dbs1dbs1’s reputation in Plantsdbs1’s reputation in Plants
white Boraginaceae

I found this growing alongside these pink flowers. Is it the same species?
The flowers were pure white instead of pink, and the leaves were maybe a bit smaller and narrower.
There was only one specimen of this white type.

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Changing my ID to a campion

Having been corrected on my ID of the afore mentioned pink flowers, my new best guess for these is white campions.

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Not sure

Without seeing the calyx tube, I'm not sure if this is S. latifolia or whether it could be the white form of red campion, S. dioica f. alba.


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I don't have any other photos

I don't have any other photos of this now. I did have one of the seed pods, which I remember looked a bit like this too, but I foolishly deleted the photo from my camera when I got home, because I couldn't remember whether it went with this flower or the next one. (It might have been for the pink flowers - I guess they'd look similar.)

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I agree

There is a distinct possibility that this is white Red Campion, supported by the stem being green (usually red in White Campion). I don't think it is possible to tell from the photograph.

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White campion

The leaves are oval shaped and grow in opposite pairs

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Does not help ...

to separate from the white form of Red Campion.